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Thanksgiving with the McEnroes

Lead McEnroe is just as dysfunctional as any other family. Probably more so.
Once you've had enough of your relatives, let us set the bar just a little
higher (lower?).

Saturday, November 29th @ 9:30 pm. In the PIT Underground.

Buy tickets online here for just $5!

Lead McEnroe is:

Long-Form Improv Comedy.

Lead McEnroe is:

Mike Barry. Nick Benaquista. Tim Eberle. Dan Scivoletti. Rob Williams.

Lead McEnroe is:

"...a fearless character-creation machine" --Phil Wells,

"...hilarious nonsense..." --Myles Hutto, Charleston City Paper

"...absurd and oddly touching..." --Alistair Highet, Fairfield Now Magazine
"A night out with some of the funniest guys in town" --Melody Serafino,
"A man on stage, pretending to be a woman, giving birth." --Ashley Neff, The Impact (Mercy College)
"...master[s of] the art of long-improv" --Elizabeth Sorrell, Short and Sweet NYC

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Full Bar. Bring your drink in!

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   The Lightning Rod Blog for when you're bored

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Check out Lead McEnroe's Cover Story in
    the spring issue of Fairfield Now Magazine


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A humble offering for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.
Filmed at the Magnet Theater, 12.4.2009. Thanks to David Etkin for the lens.

Also - Review! Please go check it out over at Short and Sweet NYC.