Hi there.  Name's Lead McEnroe. Nice to meet you too.

Mike Barry

Mike began his acting career at the age of 10, when he created a scene in his living room which should have been in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. He hasn't gotten much better since then. He studied under Heather Parady at Fairfield University, and his post-collegiate training includes time at ImprovBoston, ImprovAsylum, and the Magnet Theater. Mike was born on July 14th.

Nick Benaquista

Nick grew up in Norwood, New Jersey and after graduating from Fairfield University in 2005, he studied improvisation at the Magnet Theater in New York City where he learned from Alex Marino, James Eason, Mark Grenier, Christian Capozzoli, and Armando Diaz. While at Fairfield University he was a member of the long form improv troupe 'On the Spot', where he studied and learned from Heather Parady. Nick can grow a killer beard.

Tim Eberle

Tim Eberle is a graduate of the Magnet Theater improvisation training program, where he studied extensively with Armando Diaz, James Eason (UCBT), and Jean Villepique (IO, Second City), to name a few. In addition, Tim has studied under Heather Delude (Second City, IO, Annoyance), Heather Roberts Parady, and at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. Tim has performed improvisation at the Magnet, the P.I.T., the Sage Theater, the Eugene Frankel Theater, and in Westport, CT, with Heather Delude as a part of the Free Play Improv Company. Internationally, Tim has been seen on the stage of the Comedy Works in Montreal, CA. He has worked as an adjunct professor of acting in the Theater department at Fairfield University, where he directed several long-form improv shows, and has directed practice groups in NYC. In addition to Lead McEnroe, Tim has filmed with sketch group Spicy Tim Curry.

Don Romaniello

Don Romaniello moved to New York in 2008 to study improvisation. He has formally studied with Armando Diaz, Louis Kornfeld, Alex Marino, Christian Capozzoli, and Philip Markle, among others.
In addition to over-designing the lights on his Christmas tree, Don occupies his time with performances in the indie circuit and monthly shows with Lead McEnroe.
Outside of improvisation, his largest artistic work was as the creative director of a fantastically inconvenient piece of performance art at the 2014 Burning Man Festival.
He is irredeemably curious, frankly impatient, and casually alienating.

Rob Williams

Rob's improv experience began at Fairfield University in 2003, and continued through the completion of the Magnet Conservatory, where instructors included Armando Diaz, James Eason, and Rachel Hamilton. Rob is a founding member of Lead McEnroe. And a Mechanical Engineer. He enjoys being the former a bit more than the latter.


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